Sharing knowledge, catalysing change

Mobilising knowledge across communities to create impact in the real world

About us

The KMA is a collaboration of Knowledge Mobilisers with expertise developed through delivering innovative KM activities in health and social care and systematic research into what works, how and why.

The KMA seeks to create a dynamic space to bring people together and advance KM through practice, training, and research.

Why it’s important

Research has enormous potential to improve the quality of health and social care. But in the UK most ends up having little impact on policy and practice. Giving people information, generated outside its context of use, and telling them what they should do does not work. Change occurs when we blend and act on knowledge from different communities.

How we do things differently

We use innovative and bespoke knowledge mobilisation (KM) techniques to:



Including papers, toolkits, theoretical and methodological insights into the field


Case studies: KM practice/approaches used to address specific topics


Active opportunities to share ideas and enhance knowledge eg blogs, regular conferences, etc.

Continuously evolving

This is just the beginning of the KMA website, we plan on continuously evolving the site and adding more resources and posts to bring more information and resources to a wide audience.

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